h o m e a b o u t n e w s r e l e a s e s v i d e o c o n t a c t  

Although we are not prescriptive, we tend to work in less conventional fields. Our main focus is in the following:

- experimental
- electroacoustic
- field recordings
- acousmatic
- avant garde

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We are an independant label, specialising in the darker end of the spectrum for experimental, eclectic, individual, avant garde music. We work very closely with our artists, more a cooperative than a conventional label, and if needed we will help with mastering, feedback, and the artwork. We are not a promotion company but we will help where we can.

...limited edition CDRs We produce high quality, beautifully packaged, limited edition CD-Rs. To us the quality of the art and packaging is as important as the music - obsession can be a good thing.

...digital distribution In addition to our CD-R packages we also offer full online digital distribution (to all the usual suspects - iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, fhm, Napster...).

...audio apps In 2012 we are planning to release a number of audio processing and multi-media apps. See the 'news' space for updates.

New Releases... several new releases are planned for this year, including two new full length CDs this spring and a number of video & animation projects.

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Downloads... All tracks are mastered and uploaded as WAV files before digital distribution to ensure the highest quality audio experience. We trust you to respect the music our artists create and the effort they put into this work.

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